The Curtain Falls Play

A Black Comedy Written By: Dean Winters & Steve Laister

A Play about the demise of Variety, Love and Friendship.

The Curtain Falls is a play set in the dressing room of a 1976 variety show, and tells the story of two estranged friends who are thrown together after a ten year separation.
The two main protagonists, Jack Wilfred's and Louis Le Blu, share a chequered past in which they laughed, loved and lost together. The two share a secret which unravels during the story. Can they regain the respect and admiration of their audience, families and each other before it's too late?
A story of laughter, tears and moral dilemma's, set in an age when gay meant happy and PC was your local bobby! This seventies drama still holds resinence today and will force the audience to question their own attitudes to race, creed and religion.
"Who is to say what is right or wrong"? You decide.

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